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christian louboutin cheap Very little of man's history is exemplified by freedom and peace. Aside from the 200 plus years of the existence of America, man has lived his entire existence and history under totalitarian regimes and physical oppression and terror. Man has several times united together to throw off the oppressor in the quest for freedom and the hope that peace would exist as a result. The people had to be united around a central noble hope, and that has always occurred by man’s unique ability to communicate ideas. What enables man to work together is the same gift that allows man to “ go it alone”. We have great monuments like the pyramids, but they are just piles of rocks in the desert, without a knowledge of the ideals of the men that put them there. In some mysterious way, there has always been this notion that man could be at peace with his environment and his fellow man, without one shred of evidence to base this belief on. From Cain and Able, through the great Hawaiian Warriors, to the crime we experience in our streets, mans history is written in blood. But that hasn’t stopped us from wanting peace. Man has communicated this desire for peace in words throughout his existence. If this Prophet/Idealist generation, like the generations preceding it, has one task to affect society, it is perhaps this hopeless effort to spread the goal of peace. At no time in history, has a generation had the tools to communicate peaceful ideals like the Baby Boomers. Society has preciously preserved great writings and music of the past, but who reads books anymore; we have the TV and now, the internet. We are Prophets with instantaneous mass media. But there is a danger. This ability to communicate can spread hatred as wall as peace. It can hold up the ideals of personal freedom, or it can spread a cancer of social justice and political correctness. What is worse is that bad ideas can sound good, and lies spread much faster than the truth. TV’s do not come with a warning, “Consuming this without thought and discernment can be detrimental to your health” Reading can promote critical thought, TV and the internet promotes mindlessness and acceptance. This is why the media has to be defenders of the truth and promoters of skepticism and critical thinking.