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christian louboutin outlet online A new Boeing “Black” phone is programed to self-destruct when someone tampers with it. This Boeing “Black” smartphone actually deactivates rather than implode, but it sounds as close to something out of a spy movie as one can get. According to CNET News on Feb. 26, Boeing, which is an aerospace and defense company, has developed this cell phone. This phone will trigger the functions to delete data and software when it detects an attempt at someone trying to disassemble the phone. Once it detects any tampering, it sparks the delete mode to kick in and the person attempting to get into the phone finds it is now inoperable. Documents for the phone were filed by Boeing with the Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday. The device, which runs on Google’s Android, was released by Boeing and CNET has confirmed this with Boeing. The phone is marketed to a target consumer pool made up primarily of government agencies and companies doing business with the Defense Department and Homeland Security. The device isn’t available in the mainstream consumer market. Non-disclosure agreements were created to protect the technical information on “Black.” The secretive theme continues in the packaging of this phone. Boeing’s intentions of creating this phone were leaked out about two years ago, but since that time it has been very quiet on the phone’s progress. This is Boeing’s contribution to providing an “innovative, secure and flexible mobile solution,” according to a Boeing spokesperson.